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Our vision

Home is where you are.

LITTLE BIG HOUSE hostel and café is a place where people from all over the world come together, meet, have a good time, share their thoughts, create special memories, bridging all their beautiful diversities that make our world unique and colorful.

The thought was to create a homey, friendly atmosphere where everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable, respected and cared, from our café, terrace, to our hostel.

Our story

a little bit more

Sister and brother, Vicky and Harris, born and raised in Thessaloniki, gave themselves a big graduation present in summer 2005, taking an Interrail trip in Europe, which meant to change their mindsets.

After experiencing great hospitality in many amazing hostels during their travels, they shared a dream to create their own hostel with the hope to help visitors discover Thessaloniki’s charms, while receiving the warmth and the care of a home.

LITTLE BIG HOUSE hostel opened in summer 2011. Three years later, in spring 2014, LITTLE BIG HOUSE café was what followed, in order to complete the initial dream by forming an inviting meeting space for both locals and guests, from all over the world, to enjoy and take comfort in.

Our philosophy

feel like home

Travelers are the living proof that people have the ability to change the world. All people, no matter where they are from, have much more to share than to set apart. And when they find themselves in an environment with understanding, tolerance, love and solidarity they can create magic!

Our team

A little big family

LITTLE BIG HOUSE project is happening everyday because of the perfect partners in (hospitality) crime!!

LITTLE BIG HOUSE hostel and café is – currently – the team work of the following special twelve girls. They are the creative force behind everything that is being produced everyday with their unique individual charismas.

The super powers that they are all sharing are their warm, smiley and friendly approach towards all people, their useful travelling experiences, their never-ending positivity and energy, their strong desire to assist people to see, get and try always the best of their travels and their true love for Thessaloniki and humanity.

Let them introduce themselves:


Owner: She is in a long term – almost exclusive – relationship with Thessaloniki, the city she fell in love with. Her world unlocks with simple keys like a smile, a song, a dance, a hug, a meal, a talk and colors – lots of colors!! She is the sleepless mind behind the project and the proud coordinator of her great team. She loves getting inspired by the lives of the people that she meets and discovering their uniqueness.


Receptionist: She is always there, even when she is not there, since everybody is counting on her for the unanswered questions. She really supports the essence of friendship. A true cheerleader of life, a passionate biologist and a big fan of Spain, since the love of her life and father of her child gave up his beautiful hometown Aviles to be with her. One can always count on her for getting the best of Thessaloniki.

Sophia L.

Receptionist: She joined in our team unexpectedly and with great ease managed to receive all our appreciation with her amazing, positive, stress free attitude towards all sort of everyday complexities. She is a caring vegetarian, expecting the best from everybody, who enjoys learning world dances and always knows where all the good live music events are taking place. Her super power is patience!


Bar Tender: She naturally stands out from any environment she moves and puts her energy in. She has a special charisma in making people feel comfortable as if they know her for ages. Nothing is too much trouble for her and multitasking is an understatement of what she is actually managing. As a true superhero she has two identities, so one should not be surprised seeing her using her vocals, piano and composing music expertise! Her secret weapon is melting ice with her smile.


Bar Tender: She came into our lives to show us how a person’s smile can resemble the sunset from Santorini! Her unpretentious politeness is adding an extra flavor in everything she is preparing for the delight of others. She splits her charming personality in voluntary work with children as an educator and in cooking, baking, drink making while learning new languages. She cannot get over the fact that her mother found out about Little Big House before she did!


Receptionist: Kika is clearly the cinnamon on top of our Little Big House bougatsa (the traditional Thessaloniki cream pie). She came to spice up our everyday life and offer her special insight in the things we thought we knew. She can give the most unique and personal travelling guidance, since her strongest card is her ability to listen and understand another person’s needs. Actually, this latter skill is what brings her close to her other passion which is listening and recording people’s life stories. Like a night blooming jasmine, one can she her true colors after midnight. Trust her for the most exciting nightlife suggestions.


Receptionist: She is the most modest and cool multitalented person that one could possibly meet. Her life story can stand as a great scenario for a film about chasing dreams, finding love, tasting food and travelling. Her restless mind has so far experimented with writing, teaching chess, barista, puppy cake making, flight attending and hostel management and tour guiding. Leaving aside her natural charm, Georgia can seriously inspire anybody to discover everyday magic in the little things. It is never too much trouble for her to make everything more beautiful and tasteful. Her secret weapons are her witty comments and her epic chicken pie.

Sophia K.

Bar Tender: Sophia is Georgia’s sister (older or younger…you decide). As if one talented person in this family was not enough, Sophia appears to prove that their family has still a lot to offer. It was pure fate and a matter of time that we would at some point work together, since we were connected with so many beloved people. An unreal combination of rare professionalism with the creative spirit of a fine art student is nearly describing the experience of working with Sofia. And if that is not enough, she is the best in combining standup comedian skills while bartending.

Anna M.

Bar Tender: Anna is an everyday proof that unpretentious kindness is the most effective tool for human communication. She exists to make people believe in fairytales again, since only characters from books can compete with her innocence, her sweetness and her always cherry red lips. When it comes to her working skills, she moves in an admirable speed and has a self-motivative perfectionism in everything she does, from baking a delicious apple pie to preparing a cocktail with the warmest smile. What is magical about Anna is that we daily discover new things about her that enhance our admiration towards her! Her passion is collecting vintage items and caring for the people she loves.


Housekeeper: Marianna is our blonde, attentive angel whose magic hands are ensuring that ideal conditions are met by all guests when entering their rooms. Her bright, playful look and her youthful figure cannot give away the fact that she is the mother of two gorgeous twin sons in their 20’s, who she adores. She is an outgoing personality that can easily manage any situation given, but her favorite things are spending time with her husband, cooking and following fitness programs.


Housekeeper: Konstantia came in our lives to show us true grace in life. She is the brunette version of Tinker Bell. Sprinkling things with her magic fairy dust she can easily make everything happen without even letting anyone realize how and when she does it. Despite her fairy size she has gigantic amounts of patience, kindness and positive energy which make her everyday work, a work of art. If poetry had a face it would be her face.

Anna F.

Housekeeping & Bar Assistant: Anna is our team’s baby. Although she arrived with the justified uncertainty of a beginner, very quickly she flourished and enriched our atmosphere with her playfulness, her brightness, her energy and her spontaneity. Most important though is the fact that Anna is the living proof that love, faith, trust and care are the most valuable training tools for all of us. Her magic power is her well hidden sensitivity, her scandalous humor and belly dancing.

24 Andokidou Street, 54634
Thessaloniki, Greece

Free Amenities included in all rooms: Bath towels, linen, hair dryers, body wash/shampoo, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, fridge, freezer, stove, wi-fi internet.

Free Facilities for all guests: Reception Desk (08:00 – 23:00), Breakfast (08:30-11:00), Sun Terrace, Garden Café, Luggage storage, PC use, Boarding pass printing, Tea & filter coffee, City Maps, No curfew, Public Parking options around the neighborhood, Pet-friendly Rooms.

GNTO : 0933K134K0797800

Fee-based Facilities: Laundry and drying service.

Check in time: 13:00pm – 00:00am
(Late check in can be arranged if notified upfront)

Check out time: 11:00am

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