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Thessaloniki 1912-2012. The Celebration


2012  is a celebratory year for the city of Thessaloniki, a focal point for its past as well as its future, marking 100 years since its liberation and incorporation in the Greek State, a century of contemporary history.

We are preparing a celebration, a celebration for our city. A series of events and projects for the city’s history, urban landscape and environment, its youth, culture and the arts.

Through a series of initiatives and projects, spearheaded by the Municipality, Thessaloniki is reestablishing its identity and image. Maintaining as a starting point the importance of historic events, as well as the long tradition of multiculturalism of the city, Thessaloniki encounters and explores its potentials, opportunities and perspectives for the years to come.

At the same time, the city is promoting internationally its contemporary image, the image of a city that has wide horizons, faces the future with confidence, a city that is modern, youthful, dynamic and creative.

The aim of ‘Thessaloniki 2012’ is twofold: to stimulate the interest and the participation of the city’s own residents, especially its youth, to join the city on a collective path to the celebratory project’s success, to re-imagine its future. At the same time, Thessaloniki invites its visitors to get acquainted with a city that has been throughout history a melting pot of diverse cultures, religions and traditions, to recall on its multi-cultural heritage, to experience its vibrant urban life, enriched by the largest student community in Greece, the increasing cultural production by numerous museums, organisations and smaller urban collectives and finally by the exquisite physical location that through time has enabled openness an inspiration.

The programme of ‘Thessaloniki 2012’ will embrace and introduce all initiatives and projects proposed by the city organizations and institutions, in an attempt to internationally promote the city’s dynamic activity in all sectors: entrepreneurship, culture, tourism, environment, education, commercial etc.

Thessaloniki of 2012 invites you all to join us,
to Celebrate, Participate and Experience

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